Dentoclub Kazbegi
14a Kazbegi Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 14 18 14
Dentoclub Ljubljana
Ljubljana Str. 62, Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 23 63 21

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DentoClub is committed to exceeding expectations. The basis for the design of individual treatment is our vast experience across every aspect of dentistry as well as the most up-to-date technology. What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence and care for you and your wellbeing. Our priority is to guarantee your satisfaction and keep you comfortable in our spacious, luxurious treatment rooms, equipped with televisions and headphones which allow you to catch up on your favorite shows while our team works. Children are greeted with love and care in a space designed especially for them with children’s furniture and toys.

Dedication, experience, insight, care, and state of the art technology has made DentoClub one of the most respected clinics in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our practice is made up of carefully selected vastly experienced and knowledgeable specialists, who will attend to your every dental need. 

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