Dentoclub Kazbegi
14a Kazbegi Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 14 18 14
Dentoclub Ljubljana
Ljubljana Str. 62, Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 23 63 21


At Dentolub everything is done to be preserved one’s tooth, but sometimes it is unavoidable to withdraw the tooth. Tooth extraction happens with painless method.  For anesthesia is used computer STA anesthesia.

Our surgeons do everything not to harm the bone structure in order to the successful implantation if necessary. You can receive completely painless retention procedure as well.

Dentoclub was one of the earliest Clinics which had put into practice the use of Diode Laser in Stomatology field in Georgia. With Diode Laser bloodless operations can be conducted in mouth cavity.

  • Correction of frenulum of tongue and lips

  • Gingivitis and gingivectomy;

  • Extracting epulis and other benign derivations;

At Dentoclub you can receive highly skilled dental surgery Procedures!

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