Dentoclub Kazbegi
14a Kazbegi Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 14 18 14
Dentoclub Ljubljana
Ljubljana Str. 62, Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 23 63 21

Children’s Dentistry

At Dentolub there is separate department for childrens. All our therapists are certified and highly skilled. In children’s dentistry we use the materials of world advanced producers, who create materials specially for children. Our clinic offers your children happy and quiet environment for successful treatment.

Children’s dentistry covers:

  • Observing the hygiene and learning the care over mouth cavity;
  • Fissures hermetisation.
  • Treatment of dairy and permanent teeth;
  • Extraction of dairy and permanent teeth;
  • Orthodontic Treatment;

It is worth to note that beautiful smile is our visit card and we should start caring over it since childhood. It is misleading opinion that dairy teeth don’t need to be cared on. The first visit to dentist should be at the age of 3-4. In western countries parents take newborn babies to dentists. Injured dairy tooth can cause changes in the roots of permanent teeth and the pathology of occlusion. Therefore, paying a visit to dentist in early childhood is not only recommended but also necessary. This is the best way to avoid additional expenses and future complications.

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