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Laser in stomatology

Patients very often refer to us with the following question – whether the laser is safe for person? We have proved answer on this question – the table of electromagnetic specter, where it is obvious that diode laser has visible waves and the length of its eradiation is 630-830 nm. The frequencies of tele radio devices are more harmful for person than the eradiation coming out from dental laser. This gives us possibility to conduct all manipulations in stomatology – surgeon, parodontic, therapeutic and orthopedic.

Laser stomatology is completely painless and safe. We can treat the gums, conduct bloodless operations, and support the preservation of implants.

The advantages of Laser:

  • Bloodless working areal;
  • Easy and fast to use;
  • Sterilization of injure;
  • Does not need stiches;
  • Lessens the pain;
  • After the operation the bleeding stops;
  • The injure heals quickly;
  • Minimal swells and scarfs;
  • Caries holes and channels are sterilized;
  • Treatment of after-effects of illnesses, periapical tissues heal rapidly;
  • Treatment of hyperthesis enamel;
  • Treatment of stomatitis and herpes-infection;
  • In the time of deep caries it is possible to save nerves;

It can be considered that the only disadvantage of treatment with laser is that – the treatment with laser is more expensive than the traditional methods. However, it should be notes that the result is really impressive and worth of expenditure.

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