Dentoclub Kazbegi
14a Kazbegi Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 14 18 14
Dentoclub Ljubljana
Ljubljana Str. 62, Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 23 63 21



Dental room is equipped with unique dental arm-chairs provided by Finnish company – “Planmeca”. One of them is world-wide famous dental arm-chair – Plamenca Sovereign – which is the combination of recent technological achievements. The uniqueness of Plamenca Sovereign is the follows:


  1. It creates the ideal comfortable location for patients – The chair is regulated according to patient’s weight, body structure and height in order to achieve the most comfortable position for treatment.
  2. The arm-chair is very flexible and can be positioned comfortably during the various manipulations.
  3. Every dental instrument is managed by censorial screens and wireless pedals, which are very important for doctors during the treatment process.
  4. The device ensures itself the highest standard of infection control and disinfection.

The treatment is carried through 4 hands principle. It is conducted by the doctor therapist – dentist, who is assisted by the doctor-dentist who also has the higher education.

The fundamental aspects of Treatment:

  • The  filling materials are of highest quality;
  • Endodontic treatment (Channels treatment) by endomotor, obturation by Thermophiles;
  • Endodontic treatment process is observed in 3D space;
  • Professional teeth cleaning – removing plaque and stones with modern, innovative apparatus. Cleaning surface of apparatus cleans the teeth enamels with special neatness, therefore the procedure is less traumatic for gums.

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