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Esthetic Stomatology

Professional hygiene of mouth cavity is inseparable part of our cultural life. This is very important factor for preventing disease and in the process of treatment as well, which are very frequent in stomatology (caries, pulpit, periodontitis etc.)

Professional teeth cleaning is one of the very important stages of mouth cavity hygiene; it gives possibility to get rid of plaque and stones from under and over the gums.

Formation of plaque supports spreading microorganisms in the soft tissues and emission of toxins become the causes of gum diseases.

Every 6 months it is recommended to pay visit to dentist. This is necessary for prophylaxis and for hygiene teeth cleaning. Dentist – hygienist will conduct professional tooth cleaning; will choose for you means of hygiene and teach you how to brush teeth correctly at home.

At our clinic there are several methods for teeth hygiene cleaning:

  • With the help of ultrasonic – removal of stones from teeth surface;
  • Method of “Air-Flow” – removal of soft and pigment plaque. The function of the apparatus is based on water spurt, pressure and abrasion powder;
  • Also – brushes, toothpastes, dental floss (thread of tooth) and other supporting materials are used;

The professional cleaning of mouth cavity is a painless procedure, and as mentioned above it is recommended to be done once in every 6 months. But for patients, who are smokers it is recommended to be done once in 3 months.

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