Dentoclub Kazbegi
14a Kazbegi Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 14 18 14
Dentoclub Ljubljana
Ljubljana Str. 62, Tbilisi, Georgia,
Ph: 0322 23 63 21


At Denoclub you can receive treatment with all modern technologies that are used in prosthodontics field worldwide.

One of the ultra-modern technologies and the last word in this field is Cerec-technology. Dentoclub is equipped with modern Cerec more than a year.

Cerec gives us opportunity to make a crown or veneers in one visit. Cerec – system is based on computer model which excludes the possibility of any kind of mistakes.

One of the advantages of this is that the patient participates in the selection process of tooth shape and color. Patient has possibility to observe the process of computer modeling and be involved in the selection process. Cerec has a wide range of possibilities and therefore we can choose teeth of any shape and color. In this procedure one very important factor is that the result is achieved in a very short period of time and you can have perfect teeth very soon.

By means of cerec we can preserve the healthy teeth. Cerec teeth are exactly the same as the natural teeth. This modern method even replaces the treatment with filling material.

Sometimes, according to necessities, we refer to using artificial crowns and treatments with various constructions.

At Dentoclub we use crowns made with high quality European material. The crowns are made with great caution and have complete compatibility with organism, which means that it does not have negative influence over the gums and is accepted by the organism as a natural component.

The advantages of crowns made on the basis of zircon oxide:

  • Does not cause allergy;
  • Visually does not differ from natural tooth;
  • Is outstanding by firmness and lightness;
  • Does not interact with saliva and food, stands the temperature changes;

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