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Precondition of Healthy teeth are the Healthy gums. Majority of our patients have the problems of gums. There are the following symptoms on the first stage of parodontal diseases: bleeding gums, unpleasant breath, etc. When there is the hard pathology of parodontite (supporting structure of teeth) the tooth loosens very much and this can lead to slipping out.

At Dentovlub we have complex approach towards caring the teeth; therefore we have successfully implanted the treatment through Laser and Vector.


Laser gum treatment is needed to prevent the bleeding gums, unpleasant breath, gingivitis – inflammation of the gums, parodontite – inflammation of soft tissue around teeth, loosening the teeth. Laser has antibacterial function that gives it possibility to treat the surrounding tissue of teeth roots effectively and ensure sterilization of pathological periodontal pockets and thus jugulates the inflammation process.

Treatment with Diode Laser does not have harmful indications even in pregnancy and lactation period, it is recommended for patients with Diabetes as well. Treatment with Diode Laser is very effective for pregnant and patients with Diabetes when they have problems with gums.

“Vector” removes the bacterial biolayer, by ultrasonic energy. Periodontal pockets are intensively treated and washed without touching the root.

“Vector” gives us possibility to remove bacterial plaque under and over the gums thoroughly, without bleeding and pain. After the procedure inflammation recovers very quickly.

In “Vector” there is the powder of Hydroxyapatite which helps to remove the plaque and stones. So the result is smooth, clean roots surfaces and a significant reduction in bacterial count that leads to a rapid and successful recovery.

Treatment with “Vector” is very effective for patients with increased gum and tooth reason sensitivity. By this procedure it is possible to cure parodontite entirely without surgery. The device “Vector” ensures the long-term functioning of implant in mouth cavity.

Periodontitis is inflammation around the tooth; it is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and bone that supports the tooth. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in dental plaque, the sticky substance that forms on the teeth and then spread deep in the tissues. Therefore it is very important to treat Parodontite on early stage. Treatment with “Vector” thorough recovery is possible. It is considered in modern stomatology as the the best method for treatment paradontite at any stage.

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