Orthodontic treatment is the separate field in Stomatology for many years. Doctor-orthodontist takes care over the occlusion’s esthetic side. It is known for everyone that with the help of Doctor-orthodontist the smile can become more attractive and beautiful. But this is not the only aim of orthodontics. Normal occlusion is the guaranty for healthy teeth. In most cases the intervention of orthodontists is needed when there is the pathological occlusion. As Pathological occlusion causes caries holes. And it should be noted that only after caring the occlusion you can have perfect smile.

It is known fact that perfect smile is the guaranty of self-confidence. Widespread opinion that for little children it is difficult to accustom brackets is misleading. It is true that orthodontic intervention does not have age limit, but at early stage the teeth are more yielding, the time for bearing brackets is less and the result is more effective.

At our Clinic you can receive free consultation from doctor-orthodontist, who will introduce you by which bracket systems happens the correction of occlusion. The choice is really wide.