General Anesthesia 

Dental Treatment with general anesthetia is one of the successful achievements of our hard work.

narkozit mkurnaloba

Treatment with general anesthesia is the only possibility for people with disabilities, who could not stand the long visits with dentists and being in the armchair for a long time. Also for the patients who don't like to take treatments. The condition of their health does not give the possibility to fulfil the doctor-dentist directions during the procedure and not to disturb the process.

The treatment can be done to adults as well as to children.

Under the general anesthesia  sanation (renovation) of the entire mouth cavity, treatment of cavities, professional cleaning – teeth are cleaned from stones and plaque, according necessity surgeon treatment is conducted – removal of teeth.

The patient leaves the clinic after the entire treatment has been finished.

The sanation (treatment, renovation) of mouth cavity is conducted under general anesthesia

The 5 advantages of treatment with narcosis:

  • The patient is free from stress;
  • Directly after the manipulation the patient continues the ordinary life, with recovered teeth. Forget the toothache.
  • The patient is sleeping, so the stress that he is under the doctor-dentist working in his mouth cavity is disappeared.