Implantology – is the field of stomatology by which the damaged encirclement of teeth can be restored through implantation.

Implantation is the simple painless procedure, for which is sufficient the ambulatory visit to dentist as in the case of teeth extraction and treatment.

Implantation is the process through which we can recover not only the single defect of the tooth but the whole adent (not having any tooth). By this method we can restore the patients whole teeth arch, make it easier for patients to use denture teeth and use to fix the denture teeth, which is very often problematic during making denture teeth.

To say simpler way – Dental Implant is made of titanium so called “artificial root” which is implanted in person’s jaw on the bone and after that happens the fixation of the tooth.

Implantation has many advantages comparing to other methods:

  • There is no need of depulpation and injure of healthy tooth;
  • The patient accepts and uses the implant as if it was an organic tooth;
  •  it is easy to fix the tooth crown on it;
  • Very often we can refuse the use of moving denture teeth, as it is for many patients difficult to accustom.

When the Hygiene rules are completely observed and there are no systematic diseases the length of using implant statistically is more than twenty years.

For the successful implantation process it is very important that the patient conducts thorough analysis of jaw-teeth system in advance. The research can be done by computer tomography, so called 3D analysis.

Our Clinic is equipped with Finnish PLANMECA-PROMAX 3D computer tomography which offers you highly skilled and complete diagnostics.fona