Dental technology is rapidly developing in the world. In Dentoclub modern technologies are highly appreciated. It is 

კარლ ცაისის (Carl Zeiss) დენტალური მიკროსკოპით ენდოდონტიური მკურნალობა

always up-to-date. The Clinic was opened 7 years ago and the infrastructure has already been renovated. Dentoclub is equipped with world-wide known Finnish brand “Planmeca” – dental chairs, dental visiographic, orthopantomographic and dental computed tomographics.


Carl Zeiss and Labomed Dental Microscope 

At Dentoclub – Endodontic Treatment with the use of Carl Zeiss and Labomed Dental Microscopes

The treatment of dental pulp and periodontics is proceeded under the Carl Zeiss dental Microscope.

In dentistry the use of Microscope is ultra-modern approach. Optical tools enable us to control the whole process of treatment that is proportionally related to quality and is oriented on saving the tooth tissue.

Microscope thoroughly enlightens the working area enlarges with 25 times that helps us to define the precise anatomical structure and to rebuild it with maximal preciseness.

For successful endodontic treatment it is necessary to work on cannals, disinfect and cover them hermetically.

The advantages of the Microscope are:

  • Easily identify the entrance of the channels with maximal saving of tooth tissue;
  • Identify the anatomical features and extra channels;
  • To control the banishing from channels the pulps and necrotic stuff, that prevents from secondary infections;
  • To remove denticles and calcifications, that makes difficult to work with channels;
  • With Microscope it is possible to identify the cracks on the teeth;
  • In repeated endodontic microscope is irreplaceable. The most widespread problem that dentist encounters while endodontic treatment is perforations and broken instruments in the channel, due to these factors the majority of the patients lose the tooth. With the microscope these challenges are easily overcome. 

It is worth to mention separately:

Planmeca Sovereign – unique dental chair – the set of latest technological achievements


The uniqueness of Planmeca Sovereign is the following:

  1. Ideally comfortable for patient, it is regulated according the weight, height and body structure in order to reach the perfect position for treatment.
  2. The chair is modified according the needs of various operations. So that the patient’s head and body is in high comfort while different manipulations.
  3.  All dental tools are managed through sensory screen and cordless pedaling that is very important for the doctor in working process.
  4. The apparatus itself ensures the high standards of infection control and disinfection

Plamenca Promax 3D -  The best worldwide known dental computed tomography apparatus


The apparatus enables us to conduct researches for diagnosis, to plan implant and the therapeutic treatment of channels. The advantages of it are:

  • Prevention diagnostics of tiny pathologies;
  • Precise 3D Tomographic diagnostics with minimal radiation;
  • Virtual planning of implantation;
  • Semi or fully tomography of maxillofacial area.
  • Tomography of neck bones, temporal lobe joints, anat maxillary sinus, area of nose and ears;
  • Special program regimes for children, adults and pregnant – one-time minimal radiation, that is ten times less than standard computed tomography;
  • The results of 3D research are given to patient on a Disc;
  • Cephalometric diagnostic; 


Cephalometry is used for measurement and study of the proportions of face and head. It is a planning tool for defining the relationships between bone and soft tissue landmarks and can be used to diagnose facial growth abnormalities prior to treatment. With it help doctor- orthodontist plans the exact time and method of treatment.


Innovative Cerec Technology


Cerec –computer reconstructing dental crowns. It gives possibility to make the implant, veneer or crown in just one visit. Cerec – system is thoroughly computerized that makes the precise scanning and excludes any kind of mistake while modelling.

With cerec we can preserve natural teeth and beautiful smile replaces the discomfort caused by undesirable form, color and defects. Cerec teeth are fully in line with natural teeth. Cerec implants with modern methodology completely replaces the treatment with lead seals.






Sterilization & Patient’s Safety


In Dento club there is the highest standard of sterilization and safe treatment. Dental instruments are sterilized through several stages: chemical that is cold sterilization, thermal sterilization and sterilization with autoclave.

Chemical that is cold sterilization is done with the highest quality French sterilization means.

For thermos and autoclave sterilization the clinic is equipped with modern apparatus:


Dental Tools are sterilized through special apparatus from Germany “MELAG”;


Packed sterilized instruments are saved in disinfection chamber which is equipped with bacteriocin lamps until the patient is treated;


Packed sterilized instruments are uncovered in front of the patient directly prior to manipulations start;


In each dental cabinet there are bacteriocin lamps; After the patient is released the room is sterilized and be prepared for the next patient, the sterilization is conducted with disinfection means as well asbacteriocin lamps.

Besides the sterilized instruments there is used unitary accessories and medical inventory: saliva shafts, gloves, veils, syringes, dental aprons etc.

The clinic permanently does the activities of infection control with the help of specialized laboratory.